After some years in exile my steps I retrace

To the green hills of Corrin and my sweet native place

To see my old folk while they are still around

And view the rare beauty of Cuineen Na Gabhar


As I stand on the doorstep there burst into view

The strands of the south coast in shades of grey blue

And smooth Sandyhill steeped in hunt and folklore

A giant stone away from Cuineen Na Gabhar


Far to the west o’er Cork Harbour I see

The woods of the Curragh in shades dark green

Their famed woodland walks where wild life abounds

Reflecting their beauty on Cuineen Na Gabhar


Deep glens of Dungourney I know every nook

Every rock every stone in you crystal clear brook

And sweet Donickmore where my youth happy hours

Were carefreely spent from Cuineen Na Gabhar


Clonmult every evening I was sure to be there

To meet happy friends down by Larry O’s store

Or to play scores of bowls on your wide widening road

And to dance with the maidens from the Great House below

Beneath Cnoc a Ceo that’s so hatefully dour

Seems to envy the beauty of Cuineen Na Gabhar


But I must away on the morrow again o’er the main

I  leave thee in sorrow, I may ne’r see thee again

Farewell lovely Corrin, they woodlans and bowers

Adieu lovely Corrin and Cuineen Na Gabhar


Do you know the Author of these lines or any info on same. It would be very much appreciated.

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