SOUTHERN STAR. 05-11-1912.

The Carrigtwohill Tournament was continued on Sunday in presence of a fairly large attendance. The outstanding feature of the chief contest was the fine form in which the Mid-Cork men appeared. The opinions of those in the know were that the famous East Cork team would come out on top, but it by no means happened that the Dungourney men were in for an easy victory. On the contrary, Cloughduv fought every inch of the ground with them, and showed to the highest advantage. The halftime saw the teams draw level, and it was then touch and go with the contestants, with the result that Cloughduv soon became the favourites. For the first fifteen minutes of the second half the issue was in doubt, due to the fine play of the Dungourney backs. However, the Cloughduv men were determined to go the whole way with their famous rivals, and though they reached level terms twice in the concluding half, the Cloughduv seventeen gradually asserted their superiority and won on a comfortable margin.

First Half

Dungourney opened well, but to retire to the centre, where some good tussles were witnessed. A high shot by R. Cronin went wide at the Dungourney end. Dungourney came on again, and Buckley cleared. Play next raged at the centre for some minutes. Cloughduv were despatched on an attacking mission by Leary, the ball going over. Here Jim Kelleher was seen doing good work with a fine clear to the wing. Cloughduv maintained a vigorous attack, and Kelleher had his hands full. Cloughduv forced a 70, and R. Cronin sent to the mark, but the attempt to score failed. From the send out play remained at halfway but did not remain here long. A free to Cloughduv in Dungourney ground was cleared, and Dungourney broke away to send it over. Very little headway attended the out drive, and the tussle ended in a wide. Another over at Cloughduv end ensued, and with a shot from the touch line Cloughduv were again away. Some exciting play at the centre saw Dungourney advance, and a tussle at Cloughduv posts saw Barry Murphy in splendid saving form. As a result of the skirmish two men were injured but continued to play. On the resumption the East Cork men pressed, and Cronin transferred. Desmond having got in a drive the ball went dead. Dungourney having cleared on the next encounter an over resulted, and then the East Cork champions attacked, but to no tangible effect, as the Mid Cork Champions speedily returned. Great play at the centre saw Ronayne in his old form. An over at Cloughduv end was next feature, Cloughduv getting down and after a strong attack on their opponents’ stronghold the ball came back off the crossbar and was sent in by Buckley for a goal. The send out saw Dungourney pressing, and Cronin transferred. The ball found its way to Dungourney scoring area, where Desmond effected a good clearance. Cloughduv returned with a wide. Play of a fluctuating character followed, a series of missed by Cloughduv back line gave John Kelleher a chance to equalize. Kelleher having cleared at Dungourney end, a 70 was pulled off at the Cloughduv end, but the clearance spoiled any chance. Ronayne sent back, and a wide was the outcome. Returning to the attack, Martin Collins got a point. Cloughduv next got down, and Desmond responded with a clearance which was a smart performance, the ball next found its way to the other end of the field, from which it was returned, and a white flag indicated a point had been made. Another chance presented itself, and Buckley sent dead. Fast work ensued, play going to Cloughduv end, and the ball being sent out to the centre, From which Roynanye returned for an over. After much centre play Cronin sent to Dungourney posts and Desmond cleared. some interesting closed the half hour when score stood:

Cloughduv 1 goal 1 point

Dungourney 1 goal 1 point

On resumption the East Cork men broke away, Jack Kelleher did remarkably well with two stinging shots which, however Barry Murphy frustrated before the ball going dead. From the send out Cloughduv showed up splendidly, and a dangerous attack saw Buckley doing some tricky work against Desmond, and wound up with a goal. Maintaining the offensive Cloughduv got a seventy, and R. Cronin converted to a point. Following up on the send out, Dungourney got away only to send over. Play had now become very determined, and after a series of hard slogging the ball went over at the East Cork men’s line. On the delivery play was quickly transferred to the other end where Foley was hard pressed. He recovered from no fewer than two of the opposing side and got the ball away to touch. An over to the East Cork men followed the puck being returned by Sweeney and Kelleher removed the danger. Coming again a great chance lay at Dungourney’s end, but Desmond cleared in the nick of time., Dungourney were again in a tight corner, their opponents doing great work, and having got the fullest measure of the opposing side the East Cork men stuck to their guns well and averted many a score. Cloughduv having landed a further point Dungourney was in a good position, but a nice chance was not accepted. Renewing the attack John Kelleher got through for a point. This encouragement led to another invasion. Cloughduv transferred and an interesting tussle was witnessed by Desmond and Collins, of which the latter had the better. After a point by Neill Murphy, Dungourney, got away and in the fight at close quarters Barry Murphy was beaten for a goal. The play had now become most exciting. Jack Kelleher sent in a goal for Dungourney. A fine scoring shot by Hennessy was the next item of the contest. Both ends were then visited at close intervals, and Desmond in frustrating Richardson’s effort sent over his own bar for a minor. The teams had now become level for the second time. An exciting goal by Buckley imparted further interest in the game which was followed by utmost speculation. The closing stages were decidedly in favour of Cloughduv and when the final whistle went the score was—

Cloughduv——3 goals 7 points.

Dungourney—-3 goals 2 points.


Cloughduv—B. Foley, (captain) Barry Murphy, (vice-captain) Dan Cronin, Denis Cremin, Neilis Murphy, John Barry Murphy, J B Murphy, D Cronin, E McSweeney, D Foley, D Buckley, M Drummy, D O’Leary, T Buckley, P J Carroll, T Richardson.

Dungourney—J Kelleher, J Ronayne, J Desmond, W Lynch, T Fleming, M Collins, T Mahony, T Leahy, T Scannell, John Kelleher, T Lynch, W Lynch, J Lynch, T Cronin, D McHugh, J O’Shea, W Daly.

Mr W P Aherne refereed.

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