Many years I have waited for this moment of joy,
I’ve been writing odd verses since I was a boy,
I belong to Dungourney, that place of great fame
The home of great hurlers and to-day it’s the same.
For three years now Dungourney in the final have been,
And this year came the honours to the Orange and Green,
It was down in Rostellan their fate it was sealed,
They conquered their rivals in a slippery field.
They played with spirit, combination and skill,
They were sure worthy winners for they played with great will,
Though the game was not finished, still winners they would be,
As a player from Killeagh knocked out the referee.
Here’s a health to Dungourney they’re the boys of great fame,
They won honour and glory in the great hurling game,
Matt Rohan, Tom Rigney, Mick Mahony too,
Mick Ahern, Dick Walsh, just to mention a few.
Each man in the team did his part as you’ve seen,
They all helped in the honours of the Orange and Green,
But then came the bombshell that shattered their win,
When Killeagh objected to those great hurling men.
They lodged an objection, which I think was mean,
On the list for Dungourney there was only fourteen,
It was a slight error, they’re made in all schools,
But it was an infringement according to the rules.
It was raised at the meeting amid uproar and shout,
And it looked very like as both teams would be out,
And if this were the case then no final we would see,
While Bride Rovers stood by, and the winners they would be.
But there at the meeting with all things sorted out,
The game went to Dungourney, and without any doubt,
And so to the final when Bride Rovers were seen,
To yield to those boys in the Orange and Green.
There were thousands of people both from near and afar,
Came to see this great final by bus, bike and car,
So here’s to Dungourney, let’s give them a great cheer,
We hope they are champions for many a long year.

Written by: Paddy O’Sullivan, Dungourney.
To be sung to the air of Master McGrath.

Jo Barry Killeagh in response to Paddy O’Sullivan’s “Dungourney Champions”.

Dungourney v Killeagh.

The Dungourney song,
It is very biased,
Killeagh opinion here to be voiced,
If down at Rostellan,
They played a full hour,
The Jim Kelleher Cup,
Would stay by lovely Glenbower.
Here’s a health to you Killeagh,
Again and again,
You beat them before,
And you’ll beat them again,
Killeagh played a full hour,
Here there and when,
And never resorted,
To the political men.
It’s in the last quarter,
Killeagh play with great will,
When the chips are down,
Produces great skill,
With no money on the game,
This did not entice,
We’re playing for a draw,
Just to lengthen the price.
Dungourney say Killeagh’s objection was mean,
In 1962 Aghada’s list
Had only fourteen,
Dungourney objected without delay,
Sporting Aghada had to replay,
One rule for all great and small,
Whatever vocation or political call.
At Cook Street Cumann,
Dungourney fined Five pound,
A bluff cover-up,
Never proves sound,
Honesty will see,
Without any doubt,
Killeagh are champions,
When not knocked out.
The old Dungourney team,
No trophy did win,
Without the help,
Of the old Killeagh men,
At the County, All-Ireland,
Or wherever the rally,
Killeagh men were there,
To swing the Ash or Sally.
Great Allies then,
Great rivals to-day,
Afraid of Old Friends,
Dungourney feared a replay,
The Cumann medals,
Hold no honour or fame,
But a stigma for ever,
Of the unfinished game.

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