Freemans Journal. 22. 02. 1921.

The bodies of 12 of the 13 civilians who were killed in an encounter with military at Clonmult, near Midleton, on Sunday, were taken to the Victoria Barracks, Cork yesterday.
It is believed five of the victims belonged to the town of Midleton. Relatives travelled to Cork to identify the remains and arrange burial.

An official communique issued by the G.H.Q. states-
“Further official details of the conflict which took place near Midleton, Co. Cork, on Sunday, show that a desperate defence was put up by the rebels, who were eventually compelled to leave the open and take cover in the house. Police reinforcements were quickly on the scene and the house was set on fire to drive out the defenders. Some came running out of the house, with hands up, while others continued to fire on the Crown forces as they went to accept the surrenders. The Commandant of the Midleton Co., Irish Republican Army, was amongst those killed. In addition to the large quantities of bombs, rifles and ammunition, a motor car was also captured.

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