Results of Recent Excavations on View

The members of the Cork Archaeological Society who visited the Cork Museum and heard the informative commentary by Prof. M. J. O’Kelly. Curator of the Museum on various articles on view as a result of the recent excavations by Prof. O’Kelly at Garryduff, left with a feeling of satisfaction that a further step had been progressed in archaeological work. Many objects were unearthed at Garryduff Fort, which is about two miles north of the village of Clonmult. Excavations by Prof. O’Kelly and his party lasted from July to October, and were very successful, several of the objects giving good solutions as to how the people lived in Co. Cork in 400 AD.

As Prof. O’Kelly put it to his audience “Although these excavations have given us a fairly good picture, we still only got the bones of the story, and it remains for further excavation and extra work which must be done to clothe these bones more fully, or I might say, to bring these bones to life”.

The objects are on view to the public during the regular visiting hours at the Museum.

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