Irish Examiner. 31. 10. 1892.

Yesterday this tournament was continued in splendid weather. The matches to be disposed of yesterday were-Hurling-Dungourney and Carrigtwohill, and Football-Killeagh and Castlemartyr. The first of those were played and proved very interesting. The Carrigtwohill team, which consisted of men much more senior than those composing Dungourney, played with great judgement, although it must be said they left their goal rather weak. The match at first was pretty noisy, and the players at both sides were urging each other on with shouts. As it proceeded, however, and became more interesting this ceased. The field in which the day’s match was played is near Mogeely, and was not the one in which play was carried on last Sunday. It is very suitable, except the grass is too long. It would be well if the game commenced sharp to time. The match to-day was fixed for 1.30 but did not come off until 2.35. This would make a very serious difference to the visitors if the second game came off, as the early train would be lost to them. At the time fixed for the football only one team-Castlmartyr-was on the field and were awarded the match. Appended are the details of the hurling match:-
Dungourney I v Carrigtwohill II.
Dungourney, whom the toss of the coin favoured, elected to play with the wind, and soon after the ball was put in play rushed it into Carrigtwohill territory and over the end line. After being pucked out again it was sent into Dungourney territory, and for a time Dungourney was in danger, but this was averted by the action of the goal-minder, who in spite of strong opposition from one of the rival team, struck the ball out into midfield, whence after a lively bit of play, it was returned to Dungourney territory. Here some dispute took place at the posts among some outsiders, which was becoming general, and for a time threatened to interrupt the game. Happily no interruption occurred, and the leather was again put in motion. Throughout the match the man watching the Dungourney goal posts was too obtrusive on his opponent, the watching in cases almost amounting to scrimmaging. The tussle was now becoming exciting in the Dungourney territory, and soon a point was recorded against them. The ball, after puck out was for a while in neutral ground, but was soon sent through the Dungourney goal posts. The Dungourney men now tried to change their luck, but in vain for immediately after a second goal was made by their opponents. This score was soon increased by a point, and stimulated by the seemingly ever-increasing score against them, the Dungourney carried the ball up the field where some hot play following but without effect for Carrigtwohill had in a short time the leather returned into Dungourney territory and became the winners of a goal. A point followed for Carrigtwohill. Exciting play was now to be seen, especially in the Carrigtwohill territory, and after some time Dungourney broke their spell of ill luck and got a goal which they increased by a similar score, when half time was called. On re-opening play Carrigtwohill became aggressive, and put a goal to their credit in a very little space of time. Dungourney plucked up their now vanished spirits, rushed the leather down into Carrigtwohill ground, but in an attack on the goal were repulsed, and soon afterwards had to ward off an attack made on their own posts, which they did most successfully and carried the ball down the field, but the Carrigtwohill men were ready and returned it, scoring a goal. Play was for a time lively in Dungourney territory, and a goal was without much delay put in by Carrigtwohill, to be followed by a point. Carrigtwohill now sustained a serious loss in Mehigan, who after playing to great advantage during the game, was incapacitated by a severe blow to the right ankle. Nevertheless, that team followed its course of victory and added a goal to their already large score. Dungourney, after the puck out carried the ball down into Carrigtwohill territory and scored a goal. On the ball being again put in motion, they made a most gallant attack on their opponent’s posts, but was unsuccessful in adding to their score. Play for a while carried around the field, but the Carrigtwohill men rushed the ball into Dungourney territory, and a point, which was increased by another before time was called. The score was Carrigtwohill, 7 goals and 6 points, or 8 goals and 1 point to Dungourney-3 goals.
The teams were-Carrigtwohill- John Barry, Captain; Michael Cleary, John Donovan, D. Keeffe, J. Howard, d. Leahy, J. Mehegan, J. Twomey, J. Finn, J. Linehan, B. Murphy, J. Fenhey, W. Mulcahy, J. Barry, J. Gibbons.
Dungourney-E. Ronan, Captain; J. Ronan, W. Harte, M. O’Brien, (3), M. Daly, J. Meade, T.Lawton, J. Cronin, M. Morrissey, R. Morrison, M. Murray, B. Murray, J. Quilligan, J. Daly.
Independent Goal Umpires- P. Hennessy and J. Burke.

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