Southern Star. 05. 12. 1964.
First Time for “Famous” Pub.

A famous mountainside “pub” in East Cork known as “Cuddy Foley’s” at Garrylaurence, Clonmult, featured in a prosecution at Castlemartyr Court for a breach of the licensing laws, when the defending solicitor said it was the first time in living memory that such a charge had been brought against the premises. The licensee, Patrick Mulcahy, was fined 20/= and each of the three men found on the premises, similar sums.

Supt. C. Clinton told the court that Garda Burns of Dungourney visited the premises at 12.30 am. on the morning of October 10th last and found the door ajar. When he entered he found three men with glasses containing stout in front of them at the bar. When he approached, the license stated they were simply “having a chat that lasted too long”. The men gave a similar explanation.

Mr. W. St. Clair Rice, solr. said the premises was situated on the mountainside and the number of people living in the district was “negligible”, so that any offence would be a very minor one. When the three friends called in he did not want to ask them to leave so quickly. This is the first prosecution in living memory in that premises. It was just bad luck that this Garda was a bit restless. It is probably the only bit of social life they have there.

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