Southern Star 9. 5. 1903.

At Turner’s Cross on Sunday last, the final contest for the hurling championship for 1902 took place between Shanballymore and Dungourney. Intense interest was taken in the event, not alone because county honours were at stake, but because independent of that, the reputation of the individual teams stood very high in public estimation. The Shanballymore team carried off medals in more than one tournament-in fact it was supreme in North and North-East Cork, whilst the Dungourney team, since its defeat of the Redmonds at Carrigtwohill, was considered redoubtable.

Special trains at reduced rates were run from Mitchelstown and Youghal stopping at all intermediate stations, and were availed of by enormous crowds. When the contingents from the Country and the Gaels of the City arrived at Turners Cross, it was found that, elaborate as were the plans made by the County Board, they were inadequate to cope with the demand for tickets, and with the inrush to the field.

The field arrangements, which were all that could be desired, were in the hands of St. Finbarr’s Club. The ground was well enclosed, so that the spectators were effectively barred from encroaching on the players. It was computed there were over three thousand persons present, including a large number of ladies whose pretty costumes lent brightness and colour to a very animated scene. Not- withstanding the heavy rains on Saturday evening, the grounds were quite dry in fact, the surface was rather hard if anything. The day was beautifully fine, the sun shone and the air was delightfully clear.

Much speculation was indulged in as to the probable victors, and when stripped in the field at 2.30pm., either team seemed equally fit, judging by appearances. When at 2.45pm. the referee Mr. O’Riordan set the ball in motion, some exceeding play was witnessed, and rounds of applause greeted the signal skill exhibited by some players on both sides. The play all round was of an even character, but Dungourney showed superiority in the training, cohesion and scoring capacity. The Shanballymore team did not play with its usual dash and spirit. It was handicapped, no doubt, by the absence of goalkeeper P. Gleasure who sustained a severe injury to the shoulder at the Kanturk Tournament, his place being taken by his brother John, who did very well under the circumstances. The game was conducted in a very sportsmanlike manner, and though either side had enthusiastic adherents amongst the spectators, not a single incident occurred to mar the success of the day’s sport. The Midleton Brass and the Barrack Street No. 1 Prize Band accompanied the teams from the station, playing selections of National music alternately. It became apparent after a short while that the Dungourney men were better hurlers, taken as a whole, but there were a few on the Shanballymore side equal, if not superior, to the best of  their opponents. There were frequent misses on both sides, possibly because players were unfamiliar with the nature of the ground.  The game was fought sternly, but nevertheless there seemed to be, except at intervals, a want of that “vim” which one would naturally associate with a contest for County honours, Mr. O’Riordan gave complete satisfaction as a referee.

Details: Shanballymore won the toss, and elected to play with the sun and incline in their favour. Dungourney were hoverer, the first to assume the offensive, and in a short time scored their initial point. A good puck out sent play to midfield, and thence to the side lines, from which it was returned to the Shanballymore backs, going over the end line off one of their hurleys. The Dungourney men got a fifty yard free, which was struck by Kelleher, who scored a point. Play was then skilfully transferred by D. Daly, who did herculean work for his side in Dungourney territory, but the advantage was not well followed up, and after some loose play along by the side lines, play was again placed near the Shanballymore lines, from which another point was scored. Some side line play followed, which favoured Shanballymore, the ball been taken possession of by their forwards, who, after a tough scrimmage, secured their initial point. Some exciting play followed, both sides exerting themselves to the utmost, and frequent piandits rang out from their respective supporters when exceptional skill was exhibited on either side. Near the Shanballymore posts a Dungourney man was hurt, but after a short delay was able to resume play. The Dungourney men now pressed their opponents and secured two points and a goal in quick succession. The play play was now transferred to Dungourney territory, where stubborn resistance was made by the backs of that team and the ball was sent more than once fruitlessly over the end line. At this time, D. Daly of Shanballympore team, got hurt by a Dungourney man, but was able to resume play after a while, and struck the fifty yard free, which was awarded by the referee, a point being scored. The Shanballymore men now pressed on their opponents, and though the ball was sent a few times over the end line, the major score was eventually secured by Doherty. Another goal having been made by Dungourney, the play at half time was:

Dungourney 2goals 5points Shanballymore 1goal 2points.

On play being resumed, it was kept on the Dungourney lines, from which the major score was secured by W. Power. Enthusiasm now ran high, as many thought that Shanballymore would be able to equalise the scoring, but this they were unable to do. Both sides, however, added considerably to their respective scores, but the play itself was not exceptional in character. At full time the score stood: Dungourney 3 goals and 10 points.

         Shanballymore 2 goals and 5 points.

Dungourney: J. Kelleher(Captain), J. Walsh, J. Dooley, W. Doyle, J. Desmond, W. Daly, Tim Mahony, P. Fleming, W. Aherne, M.Shea, T. O’Brien, R. Rohan, W.Murphy, P. Leahy, T. Lynch, M. Lynch, J. Daly.

Shanballymore: D. Daly(Captain), P. Piggot, H. Scully, J.Byrne, M. Walsh, W. Power, M. Rea, T. Murphy, J. Walsh, E. Doherty, J. Shea, D. Linehan, T.Rea, J. Collins, C. Eddery, Wm. Nagle, J. Gleasure.                    

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