My Homeland in Young Grove

By Paddy O’Sullivan

I was reared out in the Country

Amid woods and rivers grand,

In a lovely place called Young Grove,

Where a mansion once did stand.

We used to lay around the pond

Which had two waterfalls,

And had picnics in the garden,

Surrounded by large walls.


The little lodge we lived in,

Stood by the river stream,

And trees grew all around it,

Beach, Ash and Silver Beam,

I guess it was just paradise,

With so many things to see,

Where through the furze and woodlands,

The wild goats roamed free.



That little lodge is gone now,

Alas it is no more,

But nothing lasts for ever

And times have changed galore,

No more fairs or markets now,

Where men, sheep and cattle drove,

To the fair beyond in Midleton

From my homeland in Young Grove.


This was a place of beauty then,

Where the rhododendrons grew,

They bloomed along on either side

Of the lovely avenue.

There was crocuses and daffodils,

Bluebells and snowdrops too.

We used to go and pick some

In the early morning dew.


The ruins of this great mansion,

Still stand there straight and tall.

While briars are now growing over

The pond and waterfall.

The meadows, woods and gardens

Are now no longer there,

What was a place of beauty once

Just now looks cold and bare.


Paddy O’Sullivan, Young Grove, Midleton.

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